AvonCRM Update Service

Avon releases new brochures and catalogues every campaign. In each of these campaigns the product codes, page numbers and prices for each of the products will vary. AvonCRM can download the latest list of products for each campaign over the internet. This download is what we call the Database Update Service. As well as product lists the database update service provides an updated list of available brochures and their prices.

Software Wizards periodically releases new versions of AvonCRM. These new versions fix outstanding problems and also provide new features. Subscribers to the update service will have full access to these periodically released software updates.

When you purchase AvonCRM you receive a 13 campaign/6 month subscription. This entitles you to 13 campaigns of database updates and 6 months of software updates absolutely free. After this you are required to purchase an extension to continue the service.

Update Service Pricing

Pricing for an update service extension varies based on how many campaigns and months you purchase at one time. The table below shows the purchase packages available;

Database Update Software Updates Price ($USD) Total ($USD)
5 campaigns 2 months $2.40 per campaign $12.00
13 campaigns 6 months $1.75 per campaign $22.75
26 campaigns 12 months $1.50 per campaign $39.00

You can extend your Update Service subscription at anytime by visiting the Update Service Renewal page.

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Free Trial