AvonCRM SMS Service

Stay in touch with your customers by quickly sending an SMS message directly from AvonCRM.

SMS Service Pricing

Pricing for SMS credits varies based on how many credits you purchase at one time. The table below shows the purchase packages available;

Price each ($USD) Total ($USD) Expiry
50 credits $0.18 per credit $9.00 6 Months
100 credits $0.14 per credit $14.00 6 Months

You can purchase SMS credits at anytime by visiting the MYAVONCRM SMS Account page.

What is an SMS Credit?

Each SMS credit equates to a 160 character SMS message. An SMS Message can only contain a maximum of 160 characters. However most modern phones support splitting a message to work around this limitation. If the message you send is longer than 160 characters then it is split in to multiple messages. Most modern phones will join this in to a single message for display purposes. Multiple credits will apply for messages greater than 160 characters. You will be able to view exactly how many credits apply to a message prior to it being sent.

SMS Replies

In USA you can elect to have SMS replies sent either to your mobile phone or to your email address. The SMS message you send to your customer will appear from a special mobile number that is used to process replies. Replies sent to this special number will be transferred to our server and then forwarded to you by either SMS message or email depending on your selection. Replies by SMS to your mobile phone incur credits however email replies are free.

NOTE: SMS Messages are not available during a free trial.

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