Frequently Asked Questions

This page lists the most common questions we get asked about a purchase of AvonCRM. If you are looking for frequently asked questions with regards to using AvonCRM take a look at the forums or click here.

What sort of computer do I need to use AvonCRM?

Your computer needs to meet the following minimum system requirements

  • Windows 8 (all editions - except Windows 8 RT (Surface)) or
  • Windows 7 (all editions) or
  • Windows Vista (all editions) or
  • Windows XP Home (service pack 1) or
  • Windows XP Professional (service pack 1) or
  • Windows 2003 Server Editions or
  • Windows 2000 (service pack 3)
  • You will also need a Pentium 166MHz or faster processor with a minimum of 125MB free disk space and a minimum of 32MB of RAM.
  • To use the order upload feature you will need Internet Explorer 6.0 (or better)

AvonCRM also requires a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6 or better. The AvonCRM installer will check for the presence of a JRE and if one cannot be found it will warn you and then download and install the appropriate version.

NOTE: AvonCRM will not install on Windows 95, 98, ME or Apple Mac operating systems.

What countries are supported?

AvonCRM is currently being used by lots of representatives based in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. All of the features work including brochure product information downloads however please be aware that the Avon website order uploads are not yet available in the USA.

Is AvonCRM associated with Avon?

No. AvonCRM was created by Software Wizards Pty Ltd which is a small software company based in Melbourne Australia. We provide custom built solutions for small to medium size businesses as well as onsite customer consulting. Some time back we became aware of the struggle that many Avon representatives have when it comes to managing the day to day affairs of running their business. After talking to several representatives we realised the benefit that a software solution could provide.

What information does AvonCRM send to Avon?

AvonCRM does NOT transfer any of your customers details or any indication of your orders to the Avon website. When you use the AvonCRM order upload feature you can watch it type the details in to the website as if you yourself were doing it. Once the upload is complete you are still required to manually enter your payment information along with the customers served and submit the order. When you upload an order to the Avon website you will be able to see exactly what gets transferred in the browser tab. The other internet transfer performed by AvonCRM is a download from the Software Wizards website. During this download it does not send any information about your customers, you or your orders. AvonCRM will only send your license number and in response will then download a product and brochure list for the requested campaign.